Commercial Printing Inc.



Has an extensive bindery department. Services include: scoring & perforating,  padding notepad,s NCR forms, round corning, drilling, stitching NCR books, and coiling books.
Uses the Saber 36" programable cutter
Cutting is an importanty part of producing your job. 
A good cutter operator can make or break the look and function.The programmable cutting adds to the efficiency 
and accuracy of this phase of the job.  We have added a paper lift to save wear and tear on our employees.
Uses the MBO 20" folder

Folding is another important part of the finishing process. 
With this folder we can do many different combinations of folds to meet your needs.
Still uses presses that were made more the 50 years ago.

The Windmill is a letterpress we use for printing, 
numbering and die cutting. Its sheet size is 10 x 13.  
Vertical Letterpress

This letterpress is also used for printing, die cutting 
and numbering. It has a sheet size of 13 x 20 to handle larger jobs.
Uses the Muller JGV for saddle stitching

Saddle Stitching is a book binding style. 
There are staples in the middle of the spine of the book.
We can produce a book size of 8 to 72 pages.